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Arizona’s microbrewers should not be penalized for their success and expansion – they should not be required to forfeit vital portions of their business operations once they hit the production threshold of 40,000 barrels. Forcing them to close or sell their restaurants, bars and pubs, and lay off employees who work there, is a totally wrong-headed and punitive policy. read more 

Maintaining Arizona's three-tier licensing and distribution system for the sale of beverage alcohol products is crucial to ensuring a safe and orderly marketplace and responsible consumption practices on the part of Arizona's consumers.

Excise taxes on beverage alcohol products should not be raised; they are regressive and anti-consumer. They should not be singled out for tax increases to fund any federal or state programs that are for the benefit of the public at large, or for special interests that have no nexus to the beverage alcohol industry. Excise tax increases will only serve to hurt Arizona's vital hospitality and tourism industries and hamper the recovery of our state's economy. And, according to a study by the Beer Institute, federal, state and local taxes already represent the largest component of the price of beer in Arizona – over 49 percent!

DUI laws and enforcement efforts should be focused on repeat and extreme offenders, keeping them from getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle or boat. We must recognize there are significant risk differences between driving while slightly impaired or distracted (whether from alcohol or drugs, talking or texting on a cell phone, or many other causes), and driving while seriously intoxicated. And we must focus more attention and resources on treatment programs to keep serious offenders from repeating their bad behaviors.

BWDA Members meet with Rep. Gabby Giffords

Underage drinking is a problem that needs more parental responsibility and control, and our public policies should not place all of the burdens of abstinence on the retail community.

The direct sale of beverage alcohol products over the internet is a bad idea.  Very significant risks exist that outweigh any benefits of permitting the direct sale of beverage alcohol products over the internet, perhaps the most serious being the ease and frequency with which minors are able to purchase and obtain such products without proper identification.

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