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Across the nation there are numerous programs sponsored by beer distributors to emphasize alcohol safety and education. Just as alcohol regulations vary from state to state, so do distributor-sponsored responsibility programs. All of the programs, however, share a common goal: to promote safety in the communities where our families live, work and play.

Own Up

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Own Up is an initiative focused on underage drinking awareness and prevention among Arizona’s youth, parents, teachers and community. By encouraging open conversations about the risks and consequences of underage drinking, the campaign aims to build a movement of responsible teens and adults who are proud to Own Up to their decisions and avoid the consequences associated with underage drinking.

Own Up is an industry-sponsored campaign, and was first launched in spring 2012 by the Beverage Alcohol Community Information Council (BACIC) in collaboration with and funded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The campaign is a compliment to the various programs implemented by Arizona’s beverage-alcohol industry that seek to encourage a responsibility-mindset when it comes to alcohol. Own Up will target teens, parents, educators, local restaurants, bars and other influencers with in-school promotions, partnerships and resources to change the mindset about underage drinking and its far-reaching implications.

Own Up is a social platform that encourages real discussions and provides education and support to parents, teens and other influencers. The initiative supports public awareness promotions to proactively engage the community, encouraging involvement, and responsibility for prevention. Here's a compelling video that tells more.

Through Own Up, BACIC seeks to ensure that underage individuals do not consume alcoholic beverages and to impress upon adults the importance of treating alcohol products responsibly and in moderation.

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Work with Retailer Partners to Promote Responsibility

The retail establishments that beer distributors serve are on the front lines in the fight against underage purchase and consumption of alcohol. Beer distributors do not sell to retailers with suspended licenses. Distributors support face-to-face transactions and oppose the sale of alcohol products outside the established state-based regulatory structure.

We ID signBeer distributors provide retailers with "WE I.D." materials to help them send a strong message that alcohol will be sold only to people who provide valid proof that they are of legal drinking age. Materials include signs, posters or stickers and are often the first visual seen on cooler doors and at cash registers when consumers purchase licensed beverages. Distributors also sponsor programs to teach retail employees to recognize falsified identification cards.

TIPs logoBartenders, servers and concession-stand operators have the responsibility of making sure patrons of legal drinking age are consuming licensed beverages responsibly. Beer distributors assist retail establishments by helping to educate those serving licensed beverages on the best way to ensure their products are enjoyed responsibly by adults. Many beer distributors have "Training For Intervention Procedures" ("TIPS") instructors on staff and host training seminars at distributorships to ensure alcohol products do not fall into the wrong hands.

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