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Germans Learn Craft Beers From U.S. to Bring Back Buzz

Stefan Nicola - -

In Germany, home of Oktoberfest and a five-century-old brewing law, beer consumption has been on an unstoppable decline, prompting Europe's biggest producer of the beverage to turn to an unlikely place for help: the U.S.

How To Drink Beer, Circa 1623

Jay Brooks - - Brookston Beer Bulletin

Here's a fun little account from the annals of history, the 17th century to be precise. This description of "How To Drink Beer" comes from "Via recta ad vitam longam," by Tobias Venner, published in 1623.

Archaeologists discover 'industrial scale' wine production at ancient site

- FoxNews

Archaeologists in Israel have discovered a massive compound dating back to the Byzantine era, which was used for "industrial-scale" production of wine and olive oil.

Arizona Beer Madness brewing

Tim Gallen, Digital Producer - - Phoenix Business Journal

Arizona is known for a lot of things: sunshine, the Grand Canyon, our politicians' propensity to embarrass the entire state on a national scale.

But one thing that often gets left out of conversations surrounding our state is beer.

That is, until now.

Brooks on Beer: The ancient origins of beer -- and straws

Jay R. Brooks - - San Jose Mercury News

The exact origins of beer will forever be a mystery.

Our earliest relatives, back in the Paleolithic period, were hunters and gatherers. They foraged for food and scavenged or hunted meat. It wasn't until the Neolithic period, some 10,000 or so years ago, that people began to realize they didn't necessarily have to search for their food or even chase after it but instead could grow it themselves.

Their nomadic tribes became sedentary. They began farming and keeping livestock. They made pottery, built crude houses and organized themselves into more formalized groups in the Fertile Crescent, a region in the Middle East. It was the birthplace of the civilization we know today. And soon there was beer.

Why Beer Costs What It Does

Roger Kamholz - - Serious Eats

Belly up to any bar in America, and chances are good there's beer for sale. Whether it's in a can, a bottle, or a glass filled from a tap, that serving of beer comes at a price. But prices for the same kind of beer can vary a lot from bar to bar, and the same bar or restaurant may even offer the same beer at different prices, depending on the vessel it's served in. 

Michael Naessens is the owner of Eulogy Belgian Tavern and Bierstube, two long-established beer-centric bars in Philadelphia. Prior to his full-time work in the service industry, Naessens was a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Campbell's Soup. Naessens spent some time living in Belgium as part of his Campbell's work, and he took the opportunity to hone his Belgian beer expertise. As you'd imagine, he brings an accountant's eye to running his businesses, and thinks a lot about prices and how they are perceived by customers.


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